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Thursday, July 25 • 9:00am - 10:30am
Network Engineering Workshop - Next Generation Infrastructure

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Objectives :
This workshop will encourage network engineers & NOC staff to work for integrating North American R&E networks, GEANT/Asi@Connect and APAN, especially for international advanced applications. This workshop will focus on advanced network research & engineering projects as well as the updates of APAN member/partner networks, and will help APAN to be one of the advanced research & education networks in the globe.

Please access the full agenda  here

Session Chair :Hans Addleman , Indiana University​​​

Agenda :

1. GÉANT Lab Automation and Network Evolution - Brook Schofield , GÉANT Association

To meet the high degree of reliability that is needed for our community and the ever increasing constraint of budget vs dramatically increases in network capacity recent work at GÉANT has been focused on Lab Automation as a way of validating hundreds of variances that occur in our network topology and how moving to commodity hardware rather than telco grade equipment will work in this environment. These tests cycle through changes in power, gain, modulation, noise and forward error correction parameters. This will support the future network evolution which will utilise alien waves on both commercial and NREN fibre networks around Europe and the move to Open Line Systems. This work was undertaken by Guy Roberts (GÉANT) and Michal Altmann (CESNET) and supported by a wider team within the GÉANT community.

2. Internet2 NGI - John Hicks , Dale Finkelson , Internet2

Over the next 18 ? 36 months Internet2 will be engaged in the redesign and implementation of its next generation infrastructure. For the past eighteen months, as a part of that process, Internet2 has been seeking input from its user community and peers. The focus of this has been understanding the requirements and expectations for the Next Generation Infrastructure. This talk will discuss the process, some of the expectations and subsequent goals that are emerging for the new infrastructure and the core principles of the new Infrastructure as currently understood.

3. Next-Generation Network (ESnet6) - Chin Guok

To meet the requirements of ever increasing large scale distributed science collaborations, ESnet is in the process of building its next generation network (ESnet6) that is planned to come online in 2021. This talk will outline some of those requirements, the process taken to derive the network design, and an overview of the architecture.

4. JGN NGI - Hiroaki Harai 

This presentation begins with overview of the current JGN and other NICT's testbed facility. 100 Gbps lines, SDN, and computing environment are installed and managed. In the era of verification of more diversified applications, we need elastic and dynamic environment with increased bandwidth. Here my expectation to optics will be described also.

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Activity Co-ordinator
avatar for Kazunori Konishi

Kazunori Konishi

APAN Director of NOC, APAN-JP


Dale Finkelson

Sr. Program and Services Manager, Internet2

John Hicks

Research Support Engineer, Internet2

Thursday July 25, 2019 9:00am - 10:30am GMT+07
Mini Auditorium 2
  Session, APAN Activity
  • Organization Other
  • Target Audience Network engineers, researchers and operators
  • Seating Arrangement Class Room
  • Expected Number of Participants 100